You can now easily adjust the volume and type of email notices you get from the ICD. After logging into the ICD, click on "Preferences". You will then see an Email Settings section. At the top are a series of easy one-click buttons that allow you to adjust your account to receive everything, stop everything, receive only periodic updates (i.e. weekly & monthly reports) or receive just alerts. Simply click on the button that matches your preference and your account will be instantly updated.

If you want to more finely tune the information you are receiving by email to one or more particular countries, groups or topics, you will find the advanced filters just below the buttons.

You will see three columns with filters for Country, Group, Topic and Reports with your current settings. If the section is empty that means you are set to receive all reports for that section. If you add something to one of the filters then you will only receive reports matching that filter.

For example, if you set the Country Filter to "Yemen" and "Somalia" and leave the Group, Topic and Reports filters blank, you will receive all reports tagged for Yemen and Somalia regardless of the group. However, if you set the Country Filter to "Yemen" and the Group Filter to the "al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)", you will only receive reports of activity in Yemen involving AQAP. If you set the Group Filter to AQAP but left the Country Filter blank, you would receive all reports involving AQAP regardless of where in the world they occurred.

You also can submit a request and have the support staff make the changes for you. Simply submit a request listing the countries, terrorist/rebel groups, topic areas and report types you want to receive notices for by clicking here. Make sure to include the email address you receive notices on.

The available subject areas are:

Critical Infrastructure
Foreign Fighter
World Cup



If you are on a group or enterprise account, please contact the individual in your organization who handles the IntelCenter account. If you do not know who that is, you can ask support by clicking here.