Why do most IntelCenter analytical pieces have an "as of" date and why should I care?

IntelCenter reports referencing other reporting in the IntelCenter Database (ICD), especially quantitative data, will often include an "as of" date. This date represents the date that the analyst pulled the data from the ICD in order to produce the report.

It is significant because the ICD is continuously being updated with new content, including historical data sometimes going years back. In addition, entries already in the ICD are also being improved upon as more information becomes available regardless of how long ago the event was.

IntelCenter is always striving to enhance the thoroughness, depth and accuracy of the data. The end result of this is that a report showing data from 2014 produced in Jan. 2015 may show different numbers than a report showing data from 2014 produced in Mar. 2016.

In order to ensure you are working with the best possible set of data, it is recommended to pull new data from the ICD as close to when you produce your report as possible and also always reference the date you pulled the data.

You can think of the ICD as looking through a camera lens. As more time passes the picture comes into even greater focus.

IntelCenter's approach is designed to further up-to-the-minute situational awareness without sacrificing the level of detail and thoroughness that comes with having more time to work an issue.

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